Congressman Van Drew Opposes Pelosi’s Wishlist Legislation

May 15, 2020
Press Release
Plans to introduce legislation to address COVID crisis without partisan motivation

WASHINGTON- Today, Congressman Jeff Van Drew announced his opposition to the $3 trillion spending bill that Nancy Pelosi unveiled this week. While there are pieces of this legislation that would be beneficial to the current COVID crisis we are in, Speaker Pelosi has added in her wishlist of progressive, nation-changing proposals that she knows will never be signed into law. Congressman Van Drew plans to introduce legislation that provides aid those who are hurting, healthcare employees and hospitals, businesses, states and localities, and to help save the United States Postal Service. Included in Nancy Pelosi’s more than 1,800-page bill is:

“If Speaker Pelosi was as serious about helping those in need during the pandemic as she is about sneaking in nation-changing and absurd proposals, we would already have a deal,” said Congressman Van Drew. “Go back and let’s write a bill that brings our fractured nation together. Cut the garbage out and let’s build our nation back.”