Community Project Funding Requests

Maurice River Navigation Dredging

Requested Amount: $4.01 million

Intended Recipient: Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia


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The Great Recession, coupled with the collapse of four casinos and the loss of 10,000 jobs, hit South Jersey harder than almost any other region in the United States.


America is a place of hope and opportunity where you can work hard, support your family and create a better life. That dream has become increasingly harder to reach because of our broken immigration system, and we need new approaches that are tough, practical, and fair.


There is arguably no more important relationship in the world than that of the United States of America and Israel. Our two countries have had a unique relationship since President Truman was the first Head of State to formally recognize the State of Israel in May 1948

Net Neutrality

As a longtime advocate for consumer protections, Representative Van Drew strongly supports net neutrality. The attacks on net neutrality directly drive up costs for consumers, shortchange innovation, and limit our freedom.

Education and College Affordability

Education is the essence of American opportunity. A quality education levels the playing field and makes the system fair, but it has become unaffordable for so many South Jersey families.


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As a Dentist, Representative Van Drew has a firsthand understanding of the American healthcare system and the need to make it both accessible and affordable.

Veterans & Military

There is no commitment more important to our country than that of defending it, as millions of brave men and women have done. Our veterans are the heroes of our nation and deserve to be treated as such for being staunch defenders of our freedom.