Coronavirus Update and Letter to Governor Murphy

May 6, 2020
Press Release
Contact: Scott Weldon (202)225-6572

Dear Friend,

I wanted to update you on some important happenings in Washington and in New Jersey.

Last week the Paycheck Protection Program(PPP) started to lend again after we were able to appropriate additional funds into the program. The disaster relief loans directly from the SBA re-opened for businesses in agriculture as well. Please follow this link to learn more about loans and information from the SBA.

Please also follow this link if you would like to check for symptoms and find where you can be tested for Coronavirus.

Yesterday, I sent a letter to Governor Murphy requesting he ease certain Coronavirus restrictions that are hurting South Jersey. In the letter, I outlined that as long as it is done safely, there should never be an infringement on your right to practice your faith. I also highlighted several different businesses such as charter boats, gun ranges, driving ranges and bicycle rentals who could safely operate; these are just a few businesses, among many more, that can function with the proper social distancing and health precautions to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Our government--at any level-- should never stop anyone from practicing their faith or exercising their rights to operate a business if it can be done in a way that is safe to the public. 

We are hurting in South Jersey and I know we will come out stronger, but we have to start to get back on our feet.

As always, I stand ready to assist in any way. You can reach us in our office at (202)225-6572 or on our website at



Congressman Jeff Van Drew