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Reps. Van Drew, Harris Renew Calls for Windmill Construction Moratorium Following Recent Whale Deaths

Contact: Ashley Brown (202) 225-6572

Today, Congressman Van Drew (R-NJ) and Congressman Harris (R-MD) renewed their calls for the immediate halt of all offshore wind activity until proper investigations are held. It must be discovered if windmill construction is a contributing factor to the fourteen whales that have washed ashore along the east coast since December 1st.   

"From the beginning, I have expressed my concerns and opposition with offshore windfarms moving forward without substantial evidence to show how it will affect our environment, our industries, and marine life," said Congressman Van Drew. "And now, attention is finally being drawn to the industrialization of our coastline because of these tragic whale deaths. Not a single concern has been raised by our president or environmentalists after another whale washed ashore this week, amounting to fourteen on the east coast in less than two months. Why has there not been an investigation? Why have Democrats been silent on the issue? We must investigate these deaths and get to the bottom if offshore wind activity is the cause; all offshore wind activity must end immediately until proper examinations and investigations are conducted." 

"Over the weekend, the nation watched as two more whales washed up along the East Coast," said Congressman Harris. "While NOAA insists that they have no scientific evidence pointing to offshore wind energy projects as the proximate cause of death, they offer no scientific evidence proving that these projects are not contributory causes of death. I am renewing my call for a windmill project moratorium until it can be definitively proven that windmill projects are not contributing to the repeated whale deaths that we are now witnessing on almost a weekly basis."