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Congressman Van Drew Issues Statement on the Intensifying Situation Between Russia and Ukraine

Contact: Ashley Brown (202) 225-6572

Today, Congressman Van Drew issued the following statement regarding the recent developments on the intensifying situation between Russia and Ukraine. 

"President Biden's decision to finally impose sanctions on Russia, while in the right direction, comes far too late to deter Russian advancement into Ukraine," said Congressman Van Drew. "Weakness has been the central theme of President Biden's presidency--from destroying our own energy independence through cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline, to the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan--he has continually destroyed the perception of America's strength on the world stage."

"We must get American energy back to full production and lead the world in energy independence," added Congressman Van Drew. "We must permanently end Nord Stream 2 to remove Russia's stranglehold on European energy demands, and we must impose crippling sanctions on Russian industries that fuel military production. We are on the precipice of the largest war in Europe since World War II, and the time to act is now."