Congressman Van Drew Disgusted With the FBI and DOJ Attempting to Silence Parents

October 12, 2021
Press Release
Contact: Ashley Brown (202) 225-6572

Washington, DC - Today, Congressman Van Drew issued the following statement regarding the recent attempts by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to silence parents and infringe on their First Amendment rights. 

"Our First Amendment rights represent a core value in our nation: a person has the right to speak freely and peacefully protest with no overreach by the federal government," said Congressman Van Drew. "Parents are being targeted by the FBI for speaking out against a curriculum that they believe does not belong in our schools. This is exactly what school board meetings are for - to voice concerns and opposition to decisions made by the school district. The recent actions by the Attorney General calling for the FBI to investigate law-abiding citizens as potential "domestic terrorists" is treading on dangerous waters. The DOJ is utilizing the same FBI that neglected to investigate the abuse our USA gymnasts were facing by their doctor, Larry Nassar, to investigate parents exercising their First Amendment rights. The FBI should be focused on investigating real crimes that are taking place in our nation, rather than attempting to intimidate parents into silence; it will not be tolerated."