There is arguably no more important relationship in the world than that of the United States of America and Israel. Our two countries have had a unique relationship since President Truman was the first Head of State to formally recognize the State of Israel in May 1948, and that special bond continues today. It is a relationship that extends beyond the purely tactical but speaks to a commonality of shared ideals and values. The United States must never waiver from its steadfast position that the State of Israel has an undeniable right to exist and thrive with the same sense of security and economic self-determination as any other nation in the Middle East—that is why Representative Van Drew vehemently opposes the global BDS movement. Rep. Van Drew believes that we must continue this relationship and do everything we can to strengthen this bond. In Congress, he will fight to continue this relationship as it is imperative to our national security. Rep. Van Drew has advocated for peace in the region through bilateral agreements and enhanced U.S.-Israel security and economic cooperation.