Congressman Van Drew Surface Authorization Requests

Congressman Van Drew Surface Authorization Requests:

Congressman Jeff Van Drew has submitted funding requests for transportation related projects in New Jersey’s 2nd District to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) to be considered in the 2021 Surface Transportation Authorization.  The T&I Committee plans to advance surface transportation authorization legislation later this spring.

The T&I Committee process for considering member projects is separate from the House Committee on Appropriations’ process for considering Community Project Funding requests.  Projects funded through the surface transportation authorization will be funded directly from the Highway Trust Fund, and they do not require a separate or subsequent appropriation. State Departments of Transportation (DOT), Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO), transit agencies, or local government projects were eligible to submit these requests.


All requests submitted by Congressman Van Drew to the T&I Committee are below.  Members will be required to certify that neither they nor their immediate family have a financial interest in the requests made.


Project Name: Ocean Drive Upgrades and Bridge Improvements

Requesting Organization: Cape May County

Requested Amount: $7 million

The proposed project replaces the moveable Middle Thorofare Bridge with a fixed bridge of 80 ft. clearance, re-aligns Mill Creek and Upper Thorofare fixed bridges, replaces the existing Fish Dock Road culvert, and elevates the roadbed.

The three main bridges on Ocean Drive are Mill Creek, Upper Thorofare, and Middle Thorofare. The bridges were built in 1939 with an expected service life of 75 years, which is exceeded. Heavy truck traffic is prohibited (load posted at 15 tons) on the Middle Thorofare Bridge. The bridges require ongoing structural maintenance. All are considered functionally obsolete due to their limited width (20lf) and sight lines.

Ocean Drive is a critical evacuation route. It is the last of three access points to become impassable during storms. Rehab and Elevation of the roadway is necessary to be above the 100-year flood mark. The roadway also serves as the primary freight route for the second largest fishing port, by annual landings, on the east coast.

Member signed certification letter

Project Name: Route 55/Route 47 Interchange

Requesting Organization: Cumberland County Improvement Authority

Requested Amount: $9.25 million

This project improves traffic operations and safety at the Rt. 55/Rt. 47 Interchange in Millville, NJ. This area consistently has the highest rate of traffic accidents in the county. The proposed improvements mitigate safety concerns, improve traffic circulation/capacity, and ensure sustainable economic growth.

There are three components: 1) design and construct a by-pass road, 2) increase the deceleration lane on Exit 27 3) signal Improvements on Rt. 47.

The proposed design provides access from Rt. 55 southbound into the shopping center, eliminating the need to enter Rt. 47. This creates a bypass road that opens one of the largest commercial parcels in the county for development and job creation. Connections to the bypass road will provide a parallel roadway to Rt. 47, divert traffic from the overcapacity state highway, and improve safety at an adjacent Middle School.

Member signed certification letter:

Project Name: Atlantic City Corridor Revitalization and Safety

Requesting Organization: Atlantic City

Requested Amount: $11,426,026.48

This funding is designated for the construction of safety and technology improvements on Atlantic Avenue, including a road diet, ADA accessible sidewalks, drainage facilities, new bike paths, clear sight lines, access a management, updated intersection synchronized signalization, wayfinding, LED streetlighting, and upgraded transit accessibility.

The project has a number of benefits including improved traffic movement and safer conditions for Atlantic City’s 24 million annual visitors and 39,000 residents; intelligent transportation systems that will accommodate increased per capita walking, bicycling, and transit ridership; and improvement of economic competitiveness and quality of life. The corridor connects four federal designated Opportunity Zones and the project will improve access to jobs, health care, and education centers.

Member signed certification letter

Project Name: Dennisville-Petersburg Road Resurfacing

Requesting Organization: Cape May County

Requested Amount: $1.64 million

This project consists of milling and paving Dennisville-Petersburg Road; reconstruction of the roadbed to provide consistent cross section of 11-ft. lanes and 4- and 5- ft. shoulders; regrade approaches to a railroad crossing, add stormwater runoff facilities; reconstruct sidewalks and add new ones where gaps exist; install high visibility crosswalks; install traffic calming measures; remove unwarranted guide rail; restripe roadway; and install raised pavement markers.

Member signed certification letter:

Project Name: Woodbine Bikeway and Trailhead Improvement

Requesting Organization: Borough of Woodbine

Requested Amount: $800,000

The project will construct many improvements to the Woodbine Bikeway to improve safety, usability, and accommodate increased usage.

The project will: add anew section of paved bikeway to replace a gravel trail at the westerly end; construct a scenic trailhead rest areas with benches, bicycle racks, Kiosk signage depicting an overview map with location information, landmarks, and cycling radii and landscaping (including shade trees) at both ends of the existing bikeway; install an ADA compliant ramp from the elevated Easterly trailhead area to the paved shoulder of CR550; install benches, bicycle racks and landscaping to act as rest areas at two intermediate location along the existing Bikeway; install of historical signage at several locations along the existing Bikeway; upgrade/widen several sections of the existing Bikeway along CR550 to accommodate the increased usage of the facility; and install mileage markers (every tenth of a mile) along the entire length of the bikeway.

Member signed certification letter

Project Name: Hand Avenue

Requesting Organization: Cape May County

Requested Amount: $1.92 million

This project replaces scour-prone twin span box culvert along Hand Avenue. The existing culvert is undermined and is not pile-supported. A new three-sided rigid structure will replace the culvert. New steel sheeting will be installed along the sides of the bridge approach roadway to address the scour problem. New beam guiderail will be installed. The approach roadway - 350 feet east and west of the culvert - will be replaced and restriped. The improvements will enhance safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. Failure to replace the culvert may result in closing the roadway under emergency condition for an extended period.

Member signed certification letter: